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Students in our Department conduct research on some of the most challenging and urgent questions within the pharmacology & therapeutics field today. Our students are regularly published in top journals, receive individual NIH training fellowships, and are awarded national merits, which aids in their national competitiveness and preparedness for careers in research or industry. In addition to research-intensive training programs, our department offers an online master’s programs and online certificate for those interested for professional or academic development.

Education Programs

Biomedical Sciences Program

Ph.D. Program

Imagine discovering a novel mechanism of how a cell functions or how it may go wrong in disease and then designing and developing a strategy or agent to target that mechanism for new cures or treatments. These options are possible because of the research training in the Advanced Concentration in Pharmacology and Therapeutics. Our discipline is inherently translational and focuses on transforming discoveries into therapies.


Pharmacology Concentration

Master’s Program

Students entering the master’s program in pharmacology will conduct graduate level coursework in foundational pharmacology and will complete a rigorous, mentored research training experience. Our master’s students further benefit from the large research community at UF. This two-year program prepares students for a career in laboratory science and can help provide a solid foundation for those interested in Ph.D. or medical training programs.


Pharmacology & Therapeutics

Postdoctoral Training

The major goal of postdoctoral training is to enhance research skills at all levels; therefore, the vast majority of these individuals’ time is spent in research and research-related activity. Postdoctoral associates within our Department are supported by a variety of sources, including a component for mentor research grants, NIH funded training grants, and NIH or foundation specific grants to support postdoctoral training. Occasionally, postdoctoral associates are supported for limited periods by institutional resources.



Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow (SURF) Program

The SURF Program supports undergraduate students from diverse educational backgrounds whose long-term goals include pursuing doctoral (Ph.D.) training in pharmacology & therapeutics. Students from across the country spend ten weeks in the summer training in pharmacology & therapeutics research labs at UF. Our interns receive highly personalized guidance on graduate school admissions, professional development and career planning.

Poster presentation for the SURF Program students to learn about the research happening in leach lab, to help them choose a lab for their 10-week program.

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