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The graduate program in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Florida is supported by eight basic science departments that cooperate in the recruitment, admission, and training of predoctoral students. Specialized training is available via eight advanced interdepartmental concentrations, which can be thought of as majors, although the degree is a PhD in Medical Sciences.

The mission of the program is to provide a predoctoral educational experience that will train experimentalists and scholars for a wide range of careers in biomedical sciences. The curriculum is designed to provide maximum flexibility for the training of biomedical research scientists. The educational goals are to promote biological literacy by providing core and advanced curricula covering key chemical, biological, and genetic principles using molecular, cellular, and physiological approaches, and to promote scholarship in biomedical science through mentored, original research.

Students choose their mentor and concentration during the spring semester of their first year. Although students can enter the program in a completely undifferentiated manner, many join with a very specific research goal in mind. The flexibility of the curriculum accommodates both types of students.

Concentration in pharmacology and therapeutics

BMS Program

Imagine discovering a novel mechanism of how a cell functions or how it may go wrong in disease and then designing and developing a strategy or agent to target that mechanism for new cures or treatments. These options are possible because of the research training in the Advanced Concentration in Pharmacology and Therapeutics. Our discipline is inherently translational and focuses on transforming discoveries into therapies.

Pharmacology Concentration

Masters in Medical Sciences

Pharmacology requires in-depth knowledge of chemical and biological processes. Its multidisciplinary nature involves an integrative approach to solving biomedical problems through understanding principles in chemistry, biochemistry, cell biology and whole organism physiology. The core competencies of the Masters program in Medical Science with a concentration in Pharmacology are addressed by knowledge and practical research objectives that span across all disciplines involved.

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Online Graduate Certificate

The online Graduate Certificate in Medical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, offered through the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics in the UF College of Medicine, is a 9-credit program that introduces students to drug discovery, development and clinical use.Students can complete the graduate certificate in as little as one semester, and all of the program’s courses are offered during all semesters, with students accepted year-round.

The SURF Program

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program

Undergraduate students accepted into the SURF Program will perform basic research while studying interactions between biological systems and chemical agents. It is designed to accomplish three overall goals: 1) gain general knowledge of fundamental concepts in pharmacology, 2) provide hands-on experience with methods commonly used within the multiple disciplines and experimental approaches, and 3) engage with primary faculty, graduate students and post-doctoral trainees in the department.

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Postdoctoral Training

The major goal of postdoctoral training is to enhance research skills at all levels; therefore, the vast majority of these individuals’ time is spent in research and research-related activity. Postdoctoral associates within the department are supported by a variety of sources, including a component for mentor research grants, NIH funded training grants, and NIH or foundation specific grants to support postdoctoral training. Occasionally, postdoctoral associates are supported for limited periods by institutional resources.

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