The Rajesh Khanna Lab

Research Overview

The Khanna lab studies allosteric regulation and trafficking of voltage-gated ion channels in chronic pain and neurodegenerative diseases. We are well-positioned to address broader foundational aspects of the chronification of pain, with multidisciplinary expertise in mouse genetics, confocal microscopy, protein biochemistry, electrophysiology – i.e. whole cell (current- and voltage-clamp; in rats, mice, pigs, macaque, and human DRGs) and slice (mice and rats), live imaging and evoked/affective pain behavioral analyses in rodent models to dissect mechanisms and roles of chronic pain.

What we are doing in our lab

Research Focus Area

• Chronic Pain
• Ion Channels
• Sensory Neurobiology
• Drug Discovery

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what you would learn in our lab

Research Tools & Skills

• Cell Culture
• Fiber Photometry GCamp6
• Immunohistochemistry and microscopy
• RNAScope
• Electrophysiology – dissociated cells and spinal cord slices
• Structural Biology
• Behavioral pharmacology

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current & up to date publications

Recent Publications

Check out the recent publications from the Primary Investigator (PI), Dr. Raj Khanna

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