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Online Graduate Certificate Program Learn about the 9-credit program that introduces students to drug discovery, development and clinical use.


UF Ranked #7 in Public Universities The University of Florida has risen to be the seventh top public school in the 2020 U.S. News and World Report Best Schools rankings.


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Research Seminar: Laura M. Bohn, Ph.D.

On Wednesday, Jan. 17, Laura M. Bohn, Ph.D., of the Scripps Research Institute, will be presenting a seminar titled, “Optimizing Opioid Receptor…

Picture of Dr. Bohn

Research Seminar: Yan Liu, Ph.D.

On Wednesday, Jan. 22, Yan Liu, Ph.D., of the Indiana University School of Medicine, will be presenting a seminar titled, “Understanding and…

Photo for Dr. Liu

Fall 2019 Department Defenses

This fall semester, our department was extremely proud to host three defenses: David Fireman,Dimitri Koutzoumis, Joe Flores-Toro. We are so…

Joe's dissertation


Publication from the Kopinke Lab

The first paper produced in the Kopinke Lab has been accepted by the journal, Cell! Graduate student Alessandra Norris and Daniel…

Cell journal cover

Publication from the Levitt Lab

The first paper produced in the Levitt Lab has been accepted in the Journal of Physiology. The contributing authors are Adrienn G. Varga (UF…

picture of the title page of the journal of physiology

José Peña Bravo Delivers Alumnus Seminar

José Peña Bravo, a postdoc in Dr. Wesson’s lab, delivered an invited alumnus seminar to his Ph.D. institution, the Medical University of South…

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