The Sweeney Lab

Research Overview

Much of the Sweeney Lab’s research program is translational in focus, and has produced highly cited research on inherited forms of cardiovascular disease, and on the skeletal and cardiac aspects of muscular dystrophy. Currently the lab is focused on AAV gene therapy for animal models of Duchenne muscular dystrophy and small molecule therapies to augment the gene therapy. The Sweeney lab’s basic research interests are focused on molecular motors of the myosin superfamily. Notable among past accomplishments of the lab was the first visualization of structural rearrangement of the myosin lever arm, a detailed analysis of how processive myosins are engineered, a demonstration of the structural changes induced by actin-binding and nucleotide release, and the discovery and molecular dissection of the only known reverse-direction myosin. Currently, the lab is focused on how Class X and XVII myosin motors are involved in the development and maintenance of skeletal and cardiac muscles.

What we are doing in our lab

Research Focus Areas

• Myosin motors
• Muscular Dystrophy

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what you would learn in our lab

Research Tools & Skills

• Cell Culture
• Immunohistory and microscopy
• Gene and small molecular therapies
• AAV and Lentiviral production
• Enzyme kinetics
• Motility assays

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Current & up to date publications

Recent Publications

Check out the recent publications from the Primary Investigator (PI), Dr. Lee Sweeney

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