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Research Overview

The Chapman Lab is a chemical biology lab that focuses on the discovery and development of small-molecule modulators of cellular quality control machinery. These compounds are used to answer biological questions, to validate potential therapeutic targets, and as possible therapeutic leads. There are three primary areas of focus: 1) The discovery and development of isoform selective HSP70 inhibitors as potential cancer therapeutics. 2) The development of HSP60/10 inhibitors as cancer therapeutics and GroEL/ES (the bacterial HSP60/10) inhibitors as antibiotics. 3) The discovery and development of NRF2 activators as chemopreventive compounds and NRF2 inhibitors as cancer therapeutics.

The HSP70 chaperones have been shown to be upregulated in a variety of cancers and to correlate with poor outcomes. They have, therefore, been proposed as potential drug targets. However, there are 13 HSP70 isoforms in the human body and it has been shown that there are clear advantages to being able to target one isoform selectively. We have recently reported the discovery and development of compounds with isoform selectivity. We continue to develop these compounds, striving to increase selectivity, potency, and bioavailability.

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• Cellular quality control
• Chaperones
• Chemical biology
• Drug discovery

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