Publication Alert: Guryanova Lab

Data for Myeloid Maturation

Check out the the contributions made by the Guryanova Lab in the recent publication “miR-196b-TLR7/8 Signaling Axis Regulates Innate Immune Signaling and Myeloid Maturation in DNMT3A-Mutant AML”. The research used DNA methylation and miRNA expression was evaluated in human AML patient samples and in Dnmt3a/Flt3-mutant AML mice. It concluded that DNMT3A loss-of-function mutations cause miRNA locus-specific hypomethylation and overexpression important for mutant DNMT3A-mediated pathogenesis and clinical outcomes. Specifically, the overexpression of miR-196b in DNMT3A-mutant AML creates a novel therapeutic vulnerability by controlling sensitivity to TLR7/8-directed therapies.