Graduate Faculty Mentors

Here is a list of all our faculty mentors:

Mentor Research Area
Jeffrey Martens, PhD (Program Director) Cardiovascular Pharmacology; Neuropharmacology; Olfaction
Jonathan Bird, PhD Hearing Loss; Molecular Motors and Cytoskeletal Disease; Gene Therapy; High-content Screening and Drug Discovery
Olga Guryanova, MD, PhD Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML); Resistance to Therapies; Clonal Evolution
Jeffrey Harrison, PhD​ Cancer; Chemokines; Receptors
Daniel Kopinke, PhD Muscle Regeneration; Hedgehog signaling
Brian Law, PhD Cancer; Cell Cycle Regulation; Drug Discovery
Erica Levitt, PharmD, PhD Neuropharmacology; Opioids; Respiratory
Steven Munger, PhD Olfaction; Neuropharmacology
Rodger Papke, PhD Drug Discovery; Ion Channels; Receptors
Lee Sweeney, PhD Cardiovascular Disease; Muscular Dystrophy; Gene Therapies
Gonzalo Torres, PhD Dopamine Homeostasis Regulation; Brain Specific   Orphan Transporters; Dystonia-related TorsinA Protein
Nikhil Urs, PhD Dopamine neurotransmission; Neuropharmacology; Dopamine Circuit mapping; Parkinson’s disease; Schizophrenia
Daniel Wesson, PhD Olfaction; Sensory-driven motivated behaviors; Attention; Neurodegeneration