Send & Receive Fax via Email


You can send faxes via email to campus, local, and US long distance numbers (International numbers are not allowed). To send a fax via Email follow this steps:

Step 1: Open your email client (e.g. Outlook) and create a new email message.

Step 2: In the ‘To‘ field, enter the recipient’s fax number followed by ‘’.

Fax numbers should be prepended with 9, and either 10 digits for UF and Gainesville, or 1+(area code)+7 digits for long distance. For example:

Step 3: Add attachments to the message.

  • Messages that do not have attachments will not be sent
  • Supported document formats are pdf, html, jpg, gif, rtf, and Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel.
  • You can add multiple attachments and they will be printed in the order that they are attached.
  • The body of the e-mail message will be ignored. If you would like a cover letter, add it document as the first attachment.

Step 4: Send the message.


You can receive faxes via email through the departmental office. To receive an efax via Email follow this steps:

Step 1: Give eFax number to sender (eFax #: 352-294-8052)

Step 2: Email noting that you are expecting a fax and let admin office know what email to send the eFax to.