Graduate Students

Pharmacology Concentration Doctoral Students

Picture of Nora Awadallah

Nora Awadallah

Mentor: Dr. Gonzalo Torres

Picture of Jordan Bateman

Jordan Bateman

Mentor: Dr. Erica Levitt

Picture of Feng Yang

Yang Feng

Mentor: Dr. Olga Guryanova

Picture of David Fireman

David Fireman

Mentor: Dr. Nikhil Urs

Joe Flores-Toro

Mentor: Dr. Jeff Harrison

Picture of Julia Habif

Julia Habif

Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Martens

 Picture of Cora Hart

Cora Hart

Mentor: Dr. Lee Sweeney


Dimitri Koutzoumis

Mentor: Dr. Gonzalo Torres


Rachna Manek

Mentor: Dr. Edgardo Rodriguez

 Picture of Alessandra

Alessandra Norris

Mentor: Dr. Daniel Kopinke

 Picture of Sandy Saunders

Sandy Saunders

Mentor: Dr. Erica Levitt


Mengxiong Wang

Mentor: Dr. Brian Law

Picture of Zachary Wakefield

Zachary Wakefield

Mentor: Dr. Lee Sweeney

Chao Xie

Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Martens

Arthur Zimmerman

Mentor: Dr. Steven Munger


Pharmacology Concentration Masters — Medical Sciences Students

Jordan Moretta

Jordan Moretta

Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Martens


Graduate Handbook

For information about our program and our department, please visit our Graduate Handbook.