Emeritus Faculty

Emeritus Faculty in the Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics are full professors who have retired in good standing. The title of emeritus is bestowed with a vote to provide recognition for their years of service and loyalty to the department.

Name Title ORCID
Stephen P Baker Stephen P Baker EMERITUS PROF ––
Lal C Garg Lal C Garg Professor Emeritus ––
William R Kem William R Kem PROFESSOR ––
Edwin M Meyer Edwin M Meyer Emeritus Associate Professor ––
Allen H Neims Allen H Neims Professor Emeritus ––
Philip J Scarpace Philip J Scarpace EMERITUS PROFESSOR ––
Kathleen T Shiverick Kathleen T Shiverick Professor Emeritus ––
David N Silverman David N Silverman DIS PROFESSOR EMERITUS ––
Nihal Tumer Nihal Tumer PROFESSOR ––