Booking Tool Exceptions

Per the UFGO directive on booking travel outside of the UFGO portal. All official business travel should be booked through the portal, however there are some exceptions. Please review the full booking travel directive below, as we want to ensure each employee gets reimbursed appropriately and that your pcard is not revoked for misuse.

Booking Travel

All official UF business travel should be booked by University Travelers and their Delegates through the UF GO booking tool or with World Travel Service, the University’s approved travel management company (“authorized travel agent”).


At times, it may be impractical to use the booking tools offered by the University due to system limitations. Alternate booking outside of UF GO or with the University’s authorized travel agency may be permissible for reimbursement for documented instances, including when:

  • A hotel offers a discount code to be used with a conference block where a hotel website must be used to enter the code directly
  • If the savings on airfare, lodging, or rental car is 20% or more compared to the booking tool, individuals can capture a screenshot of the booking tool using the same parameters as the outside booking. This screenshot of the cost comparison should be included in the expense report.
  • Air travel to an international location where Authorized Travel Agent cannot provide support or a supplier does not accept a University PCard or other UF forms of payment (ex. Airfare in a remote international location)
  • A University Traveler uses miles/points to upgrade the airfare from coach/lowest cost to their preferred airfare class and this results in a less expensive airfare ticket than the amount the University would have paid for coach/lowest cost
  • If a guest (non-profiled traveler) is booking their business travel, they are not required to use the booking tool

If your reason for booking outside of the booking tool does not meet any of the established exemptions above please complete a booking tool exception form prior to booking outside the booking tool, and submit it to for review and approval. Once you have an approved exemption form you may proceed with booking outside of the booking tool.

Violation of this directive may result in delay or denial of expense reimbursement, loss of approver/delegate responsibility, restitution for personal/unallowable PCard charges, and/or disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

UFGO exception process, when entering on expense report:

If you need assistance with UFGO, email the COM Travel Center of Expertise at and you will be reached out to within 48 hours.