Wellness at the College of Medicine

“On this site, you will find information about wellness initiatives for students, house staff, and faculty. ” Lisa Merlo (Director of Wellness Programs)

Graduate Student Wellness

“The UFCOM Office of Graduate Education is committed to the health and well-being of our scientists in training. Graduate studies can be very demanding, as students balance coursework, research, and graduate assistantships or other employment; often during a time of increased personal/family responsibility.” 


“The UFCOM Office of Faculty Affairs & Professional Development supports UFCOM faculty scientists, educators, and clinicians to promote personal/professional well-being and job satisfaction. Recognizing that professional fulfillment is a lifelong journey, efforts are made to aid faculty across all stages of their career.”

Wellness Rx

The Wellness Rx allows you to create a Wellness Prescription to set realistic goals for yourself. There are also programs, services, and resources in the Resource hub. There are 9 categories, shown below:

General Health Rx

Relationship/Family Wellness Rx

Professional Wellness Rx

Financial/Legal health Rx

Physical Activity Rx

Mindfulness/Spiritual Health Rx

Mental Health Rx

Nutrition Rx

Academic Wellness Rx


Below is a listing of resources available to help you develop and maintain your wellness in a number of areas. The list includes resources and programs available through UFCOM, the University of Florida, and Gainesville/Alachua County. The list is updated as needed to keep it current.”

Visit the College of Medicine Wellness website