Congratulations William Cebulskie!

William is one of our students in our online master’s degree program. He won this award at a recent conference and then a local newspaper picked it up and made it the front-page story.

While his research is not directly related to our program, he has shared with me how much it has impacted his clinical work.

“While this program will definitely benefit my pursuit to medical school, it has done much more for me as a professional. I am currently an EMS Chief and still practice as an EMS clinician/Paramedic. Paramedics has a large amount of autonomy and vast scope of practice. Many of the skills that paramedics can perform, are skills limited to only physicians in a hospital setting (IE: ECG interpretation, medication administration, surgical airways, intubations, child delivery, blood product administration, electrical and chemical cardioversion, transcutaneous cardiac pacing, CPAP, etc.). Thus, leading up to this, it is essential that paramedics perform strong patient assessments and are able to understand physiology/physiologic pathways, pathophysiology, and mechanisms of action for several medications. I truly feel that this master’s program has made me a much stronger paramedic and clinician. Understanding more advanced concepts of physiology and applying them to my assessments and treatments has been phenomenal. This has been especially true for the cardiovascular and pulmonary physiology, as so many patients present with emergencies that related to the heart, lungs, and circulation. Furthermore, so many of the medications that were covered in the pharmacology courses are not only medications I can administer as a paramedic but are also medications that my patients are on. My new level of understanding of both the body and medications has made such an impact on my clinical abilities. Furthermore, I am the director of an Advanced EMT program as well as clinical preceptor. I am confident that this program has made me such a stronger health sciences educator. Thus, I am so thankful to have started this program. “