Publication Alert: Papke Lab

Papke Lab post

Congratulations to the Papke Lab for their recent publication titled: “Pharmacological profiles and anti-inflammatory activity of pCN-diEPP and mCNdiEPP, new alpha9alpha10 nicotinic receptor ligands.”

Inflammation-induced pain can be alleviated by targeting specific receptors in immune cells that control the production and release of pro- and anti-inflammatory substances. Although these receptors do not generate electrical currents, drugs that affect similar receptors can be used to regulate the body’s anti-inflammatory system. Researchers have identified two small molecules, pCN-diEPP and mCN-diEPP, which selectively activate certain receptors. These molecules were found to effectively reduce the release of interleukin-1β, a pro-inflammatory substance, in cells expressing these receptors. The results suggest that drugs that selectively activate these receptors may be useful in reducing inflammatory pain.

Authors: Katrin Richter, Sara M. Herz, Clare Stokes, M. Imad Damaj, Veronika Grau, and Roger L. Papke