Publication Alert: Guryanova Lab

guryanova lab pub alert

Congratulations to the Guryanova Lab for their recent publication titled ”Hematopoietic-specific heterozygous loss of Dnmt3a exacerbates colitis-associated colon cancer”

Researchers at the University of Florida College of Medicine have discovered how common age-related changes in the blood system can make certain colon cancers grow faster. The study, published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine (JEM), also suggests how these effects might be therapeutically targeted to reduce tumor growth and improve patient survival.

Authors: Yang Feng, Qingchen Yuan, Rachel C. Newsome, Troy Robinson, Robert L. Bowman, Ashley N. Zuniga, Kendra N. Hall, Cassandra M. Bernsten, Daniil E. Shabashvili, Kathryn I. Krajcik, Chamara Gunaratne, Zachary J. Zaroogian, Kartika Venugopal, Heidi L. Casellas Roman, Ross L. Levine, Walid K. Chatila, Rona Yaeger, Alberto Riva, Christian Jobin, Daniel Kopinke, Dorina Avram, Olga A. Guryanova