Publication Alert: Urs Lab

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Please help us congratulate Dr. Urs’ Lab who published a paper in the journal ACS Chemical Neuroscience on 06/06/2022. The UF Pharmacology team, led by Nikhil Urs, Ph.D. and Nicole Horenstein, Ph.D, used medicinal chemistry to generate small aryl fragments, and employed screening assays and computerized docking simulations, to discover novel dopaminergic therapeutics for Parkinson’s disease and schizophrenia. This research, has uncovered potential interactions within the receptor binding pocket that could contribute to specific signaling at dopamine D1 receptors, and will provide a molecular map to design potential new therapies aimed at signaling biased ligands which have reduced side effects. The next step is to modify these biased ligands to increase their efficacy while maintaining their biased signaling properties.

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